A revolutionary way to prescreen & convert people through digital

Thanks to a new partnership between Conversant and TransUnion it’s now possible to connect with prospects in the most cost-effective marketing channel: online.

You’ll deliver messages across the devices of prescreened consumers who are ready for your products, based on TransUnion’s credit-active profiles. And with Conversant’s extensive real-time intent signals, you’ll always deliver appropriate, relevant offers based on each prospect’s current needs.

Executed through TransUnion’s FCRA-compliant process that protects PII and allows you to expand your prospect universe and even provide an alternative to mail. Click to learn:

Solve your biggest marketing challenges

  • Cost & time efficiency
    With TransUnion’s accurate finance-related data and Conversant’s cross-device accuracy, you’ll eliminate waste and reach only the right prospects, at the right time.

  • Privacy & industry compliance
    TransUnion’s FCRA-compliant digital prescreen process protects consumers’ PII (personally identifiable information) and keeps their privacy at the forefront.

  • Scale
    By tapping into TransUnion’s 252M offline consumer profiles and Conversant’s 200M online consumer profiles, you’ll have access to millions of credit-active individuals.

Conversant and TransUnion’s historic partnership

TransUnion is a trusted source for accurate, offline consumer finance-related data. Conversant is an industry leader in privacy-protected online consumer profiles and person-level digital media. Together, our partnership combines the offline and online worlds, allowing you to reach your best prospects online.

Unlock the power of our partnership to connect with your ideal customers while minimizing challenges around scale, cost and compliance.

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