Consumers have grown so frustrated with digital ads that they’re blocking them in record numbers.

Aside from backend fixes (like faster load times) and publishers optimizing for the number of ads per page, it’s up to marketers to solve this. We must deliver quality ads that consumers won’t only be OK with seeing—they’ll actually be glad they saw.

That requires accurately finding consumers and having a deep understanding of each of them. With this knowledge, marketers can know when to bid on each consumer’s attention, and the exact message to show to them.

Marketers have less than a second to deliver an ad before the page loads. Within that time, they must ask themselves:

  1. Is this a verified real person, and not a bot?
  2. Is this the right person to see a message from us?
  3. Is this a relevant, brand-safe page for us to advertise on?
  4. Is it a good time of day, and good day of the week, to spend money on this person (based on how they respond to other ads)?
  5. Are they on their best device to move along the purchase funnel (based on their device-level behavior)?
  6. What’s the best message to tell them, based on their previous interactions with us (such as ad views, site visits and purchases)?
  7. What’s the best product image to show, based on what they’ve already seen, put in their carts or bought (from us, and from brands like us)?
  8. What location are they in, and where have they been historically, to help inform the message?

It sounds daunting, but it’s something we do for marketers—to the tune of 1+ trillion decisions daily. We target real people directly (not their cookies or devices), we deliver to real people (not to bots) and we take a proprietary approach to maintain other Ad Quality standards (like viewability and brand safety).

And we can build each ad from the ground up every time (within that 40 milliseconds)—selecting the optimal layout, headline, subhead, call to action and product shot for each recipient, based on 7,000+ profile dimensions.

It’s the most reliable way to ensure—in an environment where consumers have more tools than ever to ignore digital ads—they won’t ignore yours.


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