There are vendors out there who think your phone is cheating on you.

Many in our industry claim they can recognize consumers across devices. But they match only at the IP or household level, with abysmal accuracy rates. That often leads them to associate your phone and other devices with family members, friends or even random strangers—and claim victory for cross-device matching.

Not at Conversant. With verified 95% accuracy rates through actual consumer transactions, we recognize nearly all consumers, as they move between their devices, channels and media formats. An industry-leading research firm recently called our match rate “the highest they have ever seen.” We recognize consumers as individuals (anonymously), not as masses of devices and cookies. And we know who was using your phone last night. (It was you.)

But don’t just take our word for it. We invite you to the Consumer Relationship Challenge. We guarantee that our reach to real, actual individuals is more persistent and accurate than any competitor. If you don’t see better reach results, your next campaign with similar budget is on us.

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Building Consumer Relationships Takes More Than “Matching”

Accurately recognizing individual consumers, and reaching them with continuity and compelling messages within the privacy framework over long periods of time, is the toughest marketing challenge today. Getting it right takes more than connecting devices, cookies or browsers to each other.

There are three requirements for building ongoing consumer relationships: Accurate recognition of consumers at an individual level; Ability to reach and message them on all their devices; and Persistence to stay connected with them over time. For each of the 100+ million messages we deliver every day, that’s what we do.

We base our consumer recognition on verifiably accurate, closed-loop reporting of actual purchases, both online and off. We match devices to individuals, not just to households or IP addresses. And because we never lose touch with consumers, our relationships with them can grow further over time. All in all, it helps achieve what matters most to our clients: An average 10x incremental ROAS.

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Take the Challenge!

Results matter. Rhetoric does not. See for yourself by testing Conversant for 30 days against any other vendor, between now and December 15, 2015. We guarantee more accurate, persistent cross-device recognition than anyone else in the industry. If we don’t win the challenge as measured below, your next campaign with similar budget is on us.

All you need to do is follow the simple steps below. Our team will help you throughout the process.

  1. Tag Your Site and/or Mobile App:

    As a first step, Conversant’s Client Integration team will provide you with our visit tags that you’ll place on all conversion-oriented pages, from the homepage through the conversion page, including login and search pages. Pages such as customer service and “about us” can be excluded.

  2. Test and Confirm That Tags are Firing Correctly:

    Once you’ve implemented Conversant’s tags on your site, our Client Integration team will work with you to ensure that all these tags are firing properly, and we can collect the anonymous data. We’ll also verify that your brand’s audience size is large enough to attain adequate sample for this 30-day test.

  3. Pick the Right Scenario for the Challenge:

    Conversant can help you with a new test campaign or a campaign that’s already in progress with another vendor.

    1. For an existing campaign, you’ll need to tag the campaign that’s using another vendor with Conversant tags. You’ll also have them insert your consumer identifier in the tags. This will allow us to track and compare the identification and reach with the vendor


    2. For a new campaign, put Conversant tags with your consumer identifier inserted. We’ll provide the same level of reporting and analytics as expected above, so it’s completely transparent to you for Conversant as well as the other vendor.
  4. Record and Analyze the Results:

    After both integrations are in place, you’re ready to record, compare and analyze the resulting data: A list of verified consumer IDs both from us and the competitor, with associated devices and timestamps for each visit as below.

    # ID Device Timestamp
    1 ID 123456 Desktop PC 9/22/15 08:15:35
    2 ID 123456 iPhone Safari 9/23/15 08:15:42
    3 ID 123456 iPhone App 9/24/15 08:26:01
    4 ID 123456 iPad OS 9/24/15 08:56:37

    We recommend 30 days of data collection to effectively test the accuracy and persistence of your cross-device recognition with real consumers. At that point, Conversant can analyze the data either directly with you or through a neutral third party, such as Nielsen or comScore (some charges may apply if you use a third-party service).

    If you’re not already benefiting from our industry-leading reach and recognition, join us. We’ll help you build strong and persistent relationships with your consumers. And we’ll show you how we’re the only company that can maintain relationships with all of your consumers—not just the ones who are easy to reach.

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Are You Ready?

Contact us and we’ll show you how we’re the only company that can maintain relationships with all of your consumers—not just the ones who are easy to reach.